All calculations that must have one example formally presented in the report.

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Title information (name, date, title, etc. as described above) – DO NOT INCLUDE A COVER PAGE
A Brief Abstract that explains:
Purpose of the Lab
Type of Data Collectected
Presents major conclusion of the lab
Attached to the end of your paper report is your handwritten signed data sheet
Present all data neatly in charts, graphs, tables as fits the data
Appropriate uncertanities are provided for all the data in their respective location
Labels for all tables, charts graphs, pictures
A caption that briefly describes where theitem came from. This one sentence is the only procedure that should be in the report
All calculations that must have ONE example formally presented in the report. It is then acceptable for the other values to be listed in a table
After collected data has been modified, i.e. a calculation, it’s no longer data it has become a result
Discussion of data and calculations which includes:
Answers to all questions presented during the lab instructions
Graphs that were created from your calculations/data
Explain data using any of the relevant equations
State specific results that relate the purpose of the experiment
Compare measured results to expected values when possible
Present qualitative analysis of data as it relates to real life situations
Data, Results, Discussion, Conclusion headings should be clearly present in your written submission.

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