Health Care

Are the methods effective?

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Reflection Paper #1
Based on the observations you have made at your practicum sites and this module’s readings, answer the following questions regarding the practicum site:
**Note: If you have not attended one of your practicum site, please research your webpage, social media pages, media stories and other resources.
1. Identify what methods are being currently implemented to reach underserved populations. Examples of methods could include their marketing strategies, the personnel they hire, the type of health education they implement, etc.
2. Have they integrated community members or the opinions of community members in their work?
3. What kind of assessments do you think were implemented to help make decisions as to how to implement the programming they provide?
4. Provide a critique of their chosen methods. Are the methods effective? What does their program reach look like (number of people served, type of population being served)? Are they effectively reaching their target population?
5. Provide a suggested modified approach for the chosen practicum site. For example, should recruitment to the program occur in a different way? Is more personnel needed? Is the marketing approach culturally relevant? (Please make sure to provide references for your suggested approaches)
Paper should be a minimum of three-pages (double-spaced and 12-point font) and should follow APA formmatting guidelines.
Please note that this assignment will not serve as a paper explaining what your practicum site does or what you are accomplishing at that site. You will get the opportunity to explain your role in future assignments. Please make sure to answer all of the questions presented in the prompt!
Submission Instructions:
Course content (e.g., assignments, discussions, quizzes, projects, exams) submitted late without prior communication with and approval by the instructor, outside of emergency absences, or in violation of established agreements for late submission, will receive deductions of 10% per day until 3 days beyond the due date at 11:59 pm CST. Any submissions received after this point will not be accepted and receive a score of 0%.
Grading Rubric:
Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric:
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