English 101

Assighment three

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Kindly do all three assinments from reading the attache atrial:
assaighment ONE Answer questions from the attached articale:
1.Who do students prefer to engage with in groups?
2.Is there a difference between international and domestic 3.students regarding their preference for who they want to work with?
4.Name three reasons why students like intercultural work
5.Name three reasons students dislike intercultural group work
6.Which role does language play in intercultural group work?
7.Is there a difference between the grades that medium and high-performing students receive for group assignments? If yes, what are the reasons?
2. assignment TWO
Find and note an argument made in one of the articles so far ( Moore & Hampton) that you disagree with.
Then, find evidence in one of the articles (Moore & Hampton) that supports your belief about the argument you disagreed with. Note the evidence using the table below.
Arguments I disagree with (I)
The argument:
Why I disagree with it:
Evidence that supports my view:
3. assighment THREE
Write a 150 word summary presenting:
– your argument
– the writer’s argument
– your evidence to dispute the writer’s argument
– summary statement
Comments from Customer
Customer is an international student. Please, provide a regular grammatically correct, well-structured paper according to the instructions and academic context provided, written with simple sentence structures and easy vocabulary (or shortly, use simple English).

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