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Essays require students to visit a location specified in a given essay assignment, document their trip through observations and original digital media (personal photographs that document the journey and a student-created map of the trip), locate the current demographics for the area, and write a personal reflection. Personal reflections connect student observations with historic events and sociocultural practices that influence(d) the physical and demographic characteristics of the location. Students must cite current demographics and use lectures and course materials from the associated module to reflect on the relationship(s) between them. To find demographic and other data, use the PolicyMap (Links to an external site.) online tool provided by American University, the tool provided by the Urban Institute (Links to an external site.), or (Links to an external site.). Consider the sample size that you use when associating demographic data. For example, the smallest unit is a block. Do not equate demographics for the entire city with those of a neighborhood. Demographics range widely from neighborhood to neighborhood, ward to ward, and even block to block in some parts of the District. Please see the associated rubric for detailed scoring guidelines and Course Resources for examples and additional course content, such as Cultural Tourism DC Neighborhood Heritage Trails (Links to an external site.). To earn full credit, the essay must include the following information: Demographics (Current) Digital media Digitized student created map Four digital images / photographs taken by the student Observations The following list are observations that are required to be recorded: Date Day of week Holiday or other special date? (even if it is personal, like a birthday) Weather conditions Temperature Departure location Method of transportation Overview of route to and from destination Additional observations should be made. Scoring for these additional observations is located in the Rubric Narrative Personal reflection. Opinion(s) about observations essay is based on trip to location and observations demographics are really important talk about the houses, and other demographics that changed over time
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