Beck & watson subsequent childbirth after a pre… (1.02 mb)

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Article Appraisal- Chapter 2, 3, 5 (Qualitative or Quantitative Literature Review)
Read the cited article that is available as an attachment by Dickson, V., Howe, A., Deal, J., McCarthy, M. (2012). The relationship of work, self-care, and quality of life in a sample of older working adults with cardiovascular disease. Heart & Lung, 41 (1), 5-14. On eLearning. Then answer the questions below about the article.
Is this a quantitative or qualitative study?
In the first section of the article, the author cites sources related to the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. What is the purpose of citing sources related to prevalence?
In the first section, identify the source cited to support that there are differences in adherence behaviors across demographic groups.
The theory supporting the study was described in the first section. What theoretical source did the authors cite supporting that theory?
Depression was measured by the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ)-9. What source (reference) was cited to support the specificity of the instrument?
2. The section on Purposes of the Literature Review in Qualitative Research in the Grove, Gray, & Burns (2015) textbook or Grove & Gray (2019) textbook provides the purpose and timing of the review of the literature for qualitative studies. A list of Qualitative or Quantitative is in the content section.
2, Match the type of qualitative research and the definition under the instructions.
3. Read the attached article by Beck & Watson. What makes you think this is a Qualitative (experience, meaning) or a Quantitative (measurement, statistics) research article? List the components that make you think one or the other is true.
Beck & Watson Subsequent childbirth after a pre… (1.02 MB)
Dickson, V. V., et al., (2012). The relationshi… (556.72 KB)
Quantitative or Qualitative Article Appraisal I… (17.32 KB)

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