English 101

Classification – movie types

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The essay must follow the following conventions:
1. At least five paragraphs (500 – 550 words)
2. APA style (7th edition) formatting, citations, and references
3. Times New Roman, 12-point font
4. Double Spaced
5. Page numbers
6. One-inch margins
7. Follow the APA style conventions used in Dr. Hall’s model APA essay #1
The topic :
1. Classification – Movie Types
Essay Context: You work for AMC or VOX theaters in Riyadh. Your boss asks you to write a description of
the three or four main film genres (types) that young Saudi Audiences should know about. You categorize the
three or four main genres (types) of films, defining and providing one or two examples of each kind for your
young Saudi audience. The purpose of this essay is to educate/inform your audience.
Essay Question: What are the three or four major movie genres (types) young Saudi movie goers should
know about?

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