Contract and design scope changes

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Read the Paper, “What is Good Project Management?” It is a fundamental paper written in 1977. Even though it is older, it is an excellent foundation and written by a man from Brown and Root, Inc. – the original owners of all the buildings at The Alhambra, home of CiAM. For all you know, you may be sitting in the author’s old office! Read the paper and consider the serious lessons it provides concerning the importance of Project Management. (Links to an external site.)
Throughout your life you have worked on many complex projects: at home, at work, in school, and in your hobbies. You may have a favorite imagined project that you hope to lead and manage in the future. Use one of these as your personal “case study” for this Threaded Discussion.
Select one of the key seven information areas that project managers must know about in managing a project, as discussed in the paper. Discuss your case study from the perspective of the project manager and associated project requirements, teamwork, and success criteria for your selected information area.
1. Personnel and manpower.
2. Contract and design scope changes
3. Equipment and materials
4. Schedules and planned operations
5. Physical progress: quantities in place and to go
6. Costs and manpower expended and for what — to include commitments, cash flow and forecasts.
7. Quality assurance in all design, procurement and construction activities, keyed to management responsibilities at appropriate levels.
How does your approach fit with the quote from Peter Drucker that “A manager must, so to speak, keep his nose to the grindstone whilst lifting his eyes to the hills.”

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