Create a ‘working data’ page.

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VBP Exercise
Go to the CMS.Gov value-based purchasing programs page:
Explore the different programs, timelines, and incentives.
Go to the Research, Statistics, Data & Systems tab, and explore all of the different research, reporting, and data availability.
Choose a data set of interest, analyze the data set, and summarize your finding: historical; reliable and valid; qualitative and quantitative.
Please follow these directions and submit your completed Excel workbook here. There is no shell to work with this week as you will be creating your own Excel workbook.
1. Complete the assigned reading for this module.
2. Find the VBP Exercise on page 35. (Above) Follow steps 1 through 3 as they are written in your book.
3. Review the Problem Statement Exemplar on pages 42-43 (ATTACHED to file). Create a problem statement that is interesting to you based on your specialty area and clinical experience. You will talk about why this problem statement is interesting to you in your journal entry.
4. Find a data set of interest that could provide data about your problem statement. Feel free to look on other websites for data, but please don’t spend more than 30-45 minutes looking for the “perfect” data set. If you can’t find data that addresses your problem statement, tell us in your journal what you were looking for. You can then use any data set that you’d like to complete the rest of this assignment.
5. Download the data set you found into an Excel spreadsheet. Look for the .csv file, save it to your computer, and open that file in Excel. Create a ‘working data’ page. If you have trouble downloading the data, please contact the instructors.
6. Create an ‘answers’ worksheet. Write your problem statement there and Identify the sample size.
7. Choose 3 variables that you would use based on your problem statement. Make sure at least one variable is continuous. For each variable, identify the level of measurement and type of variable in the ‘answers’ page. For categorical data, identify the scale used. For example, if the variable was gender, the scale used would be male and female. For continuous data, provide descriptive statistics (minimum value, maximum value, mean, median, mode, and standard deviation). Are the data normally distributed? How do you know? (Hint: you should probably make a histogram).

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