Describe each step.

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1. Textbook Chapter 2 and 3 describe many pitfalls on the path to data fluency. Pick any two pitfalls from the book and apply your knowledge of SDLC on each scenario to suggest ways to improve data fluency in these scenarios. (40 points)
2. The employee education department of a large corporation has been centralized. As a consequence, the educators must travel among all locations of the branches. They use their smart phone to interact and share their schedules and data. What are the steps you would take to secure these transactions by applying your knowledge of the security triad? Describe each step. (30 points)
3. Usability is a term that denotes the ease with which people can use an interface to achieve a particular goal. Conduct Internet research and find out what usability test is? Then describe how you would evaluate the usability of a smart phone scheduling app for the above corporation. (30 points) Must include the link/URLs/sources of your search results.
4. Save your Word document as HW2_FL.docx where FL are your first and last name initials.
5. Submit your file.
Book: Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication

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