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Mental health: What is the practical nurse’s responsibility if depression is playing a significant role and may affect whether the patient makes choices that may lead to likely death?
The practical nurse’s responsibilities when depression is playing a significant role and may affect whether the patient makes choices that likely lead to death include building a therapeutic relationship with the client, direct interventions, patient health teaching, and patient safety. Talking to the client about their feelings and understanding how the patient may feel is extremely important when approaching a client who has depression. Providing the client with a safe space to talk about their feelings is the first step in dealing with their depression. Being sympathetic helps them know that you understand their feelings rather than judge them for how they feel (Bettencourt, 2016, para. 7). Creating a list of interventions such as monitoring a client, including family care, encouraging patient to engage in activities, monitoring effectiveness of medications taken are important responsibilities by the practical nurse. The nurse, caring for the depressed person, should direct interventions toward resolving the issues identified through the nursing diagnoses (Chand & Arif & Kutlenios, 2022, para. 31). The nurse should also teach the client about depression such as the available treatment options, symptoms of depression and how to promote their overall wellbeing. As a nurse who is responsible for a patient who is experiencing major depression it is extremely important to make sure the patient is safe from any self-harm. A collaborative safety plan should be developed to try to reduce the likelihood of ongoing self-harm by promoting alternative ways of managing emotional distress and identifying help-seeking strategies. A safety plan should identify triggers, warning signs, distraction techniques and who to contact for support, including contingencies (Nursing in Practice, 2017, para. 17).
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