H) hydrothermic treatments effects on fruit ripening

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Select one (1) topic and prepare a seminar presentation:
a) Molecular biology of fruit ripening
b) Hormonal control of chilling injury in tropical fruits and vegetables
c) Biochemical changes in minimally processed refrigerated fruits and vegetables
d) Hormonal control senescence in cut flowers
e) Role of lipid oxidation in storage disorders of fresh fruits and vegetables
f) Ethylene as an indicator of plant maturity
g) Bacterial spoilage in harvest fruits and vegetables
h) Hydrothermic treatments effects on fruit ripening
i) Non-destructive quality evaluation methods for stored fruits and vegetables
j) Accumulation of toxic metabolites during storage of horticultural crops
k) Non enzymatic browning reactions as affected by water in fruits and vegetables
Choose a number and let me know which you are interested in.
How much pages? If you are going to give me the information and I create the slide. Would you give me my speech for each slide?

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