How has the president addressed, or ignored, congress?

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Write about Cyber security and the Office of the National Cyber Director and how it came to be. Write about past Cyber breaches and the actions of Congress and the President.
Instructions below:
Research Paper (12 pages)
The first five pages should present your thesis and set up your argument. Summarize your topic,
its background, and the problem your paper seeks to address.
In the second portion of the paper students must complete a case-study of a contemporary issue
using newspaper sources (for example, trade, federal workers pay, Syria, immigration, Dodd-
Frank alterations, Affordable Care Act implementation, budgets, omnibus spending, etc). This
portion of the paper should analyze contemporary presidential-congressional relations on that
specific issue. How has the President addressed, or ignored, Congress? In what ways has the
president challenged Congress’s authority? In what ways has Congress pushed back? What
political factors have affected the issue and relationship? Are members of Congress taking the
lead on this issue or is the President?
The topic and issue do not have to match perfectly. That said, they should relate to one another.
So for example, if you plan on writing about immigration, you should choose academic sources
analyzing U.S. immigration policy emphasizing the roles Congress and the president have
historically played.
The paper is required include a minimum of three academic sources (books or articles).

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