How would you change the laws on a state or federal level, if at all?

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Before 2011, sports betting was not necessarily legal in all states. Check out this U.S. Supreme Court case to see why:
Use Nexis Uni to find your state’s gambling law. Summarize it, then apply it to your analysis of the following fact pattern.
Michigan Gambling Law

Michigan Gambling Laws

Nexis Uni Link. (May not work it often ask for sign which we do not have)
§ 750.301. Accepting money or valuable thing contingent on uncertain event., MCLS § 750.301 (This document is current through Act 188 of the 2022 Regular Legislative Session and E.R.O. 2022-1), available at
A pair of clients come into your office in your state of residence. They have been participating in online gambling and their employer notified them that it is a fireable offense. They are now worried about criminal charges. What can you tell them based on the law in your state? What other information do you need to give a solid analysis?
I would present them with the current law of the state of Michigan and explain to them why what they are doing is in fact legal and further educate them on their right to gamble.
I would also request if they have signed and legally binding documents with the employer that prohibits them from gambling or if the job they have cannot be associated with gambling in anyway.
What do you think about the state of gambling laws in the US? How would you change the laws on a state or federal level, if at all?
I have two thoughts on one hand I 100% support adults being able to legally do something as many gamble responsibly but on the other hand I do not like the way gambling destroys many lives as they get addicted to the “chance” of “winning big”.
If I would change anything it would be how gambling is advertised it is marketed in a way to lead you to believe you can “WIN BIG” when chances are incredibly slim. These practices unfortunately get promoted so heavily it lures in more desperate individuals vs the put together gamblers. Far too many see gambling as a chance to get out of there bad situation which never works out in the end.
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