In your explanation, refer to the purpose of testing.

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Assigned Readings: Chapter 8 Johnson & Christensen (I attached it)
Type your response to each item below the question (in paragraph form). Your grade will be based on: (1) completion, (2) the degree to which your responses are supported by ideas presented in the textbook and/or during class discussions, and (3) the complexity of analysis. (Note: Citations are only required if you are using sources other than the textbook or class notes to respond).
1:To what degree do you believe that both qualitative and quantitative research have valuable roles in advancing knowledge in your field(s) of study? Why? Why not? (1 to 2 paragraphs)
2: Please speculate as to why it is so common for educational researchers to generate their own surveys even though there may be many existing surveys available for them to use. (1 paragraph)
3:Describe an achievement or aptitude test used in your school (as either a student or an educator) that you thought was seriously flawed in its validity. Explain why you believe it was not valid. In your explanation, refer to the purpose of testing. (1 paragraph)
4. Suppose a team of researchers wants to conduct research to identify the characteristics of professors whom students perceive as being excellent. Would you advise them to do a qualitative or quantitative study? What data collection tools would you advise they use to answer their research question? Why? (1 paragraph).
5. Visit the website for the National Center for Educational Statistics and identify 3 or 4 data tools and/or reports that may be of use to you as a graduate student and/or educator.

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