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Assignment #1 (Descriptive Statistics)
Objectives of Assignment
The student will learn how to:
 enter data into SPSS,
 run descriptive statistics in SPSS,
 report findings of SPSS descriptive analyses in APA format,
 create tables and figures showing findings of SPSS descriptive analyses in APA format,
 apply correct terminology in reporting findings, and
 employ APA formatting for scientific research reports.
Steps of Assignment
1. Work with the two variables from the School Finance Excel spreadsheet assigned to you. [Week 01 and 02 Class dataset]
Enter the data for your assigned variables into SPSS.
2. Run the following descriptive statistics (if appropriate) for each variable: mean, median,
mode, frequency, variance, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis. Design a table in
correct APA format to display your results. Title your table appropriately using correct
APA format.
3. Create a histogram for each variable superimposing the normal curve on each. Include
these in your paper in correct APA format including titles.
4. Pick a title for your paper.
5. Interpret the findings that you have put into tables and histograms by writing in text about them using the terms and concepts learned in class. Be sure to include tables and figures
in your paper. You must resize the figures; the original ones will be too large to include
in a paper.
6. You MUST use correct APA format, including a correctly formatted cover sheet and
running head for your work.
7. Your grade will be based on fulfillment of the objectives listed above as well as the
quality of your writing, the inclusiveness of your writing, and the accuracy (correctness)
of your work.
8. This paper may be no longer than eight (8) pages including the title page and references.
9. Include your original output in an appendix. Items in appendixes do not have to be in
APA format. Appendix pages are not considered part of the eight (8) page limit.
APA Reminders
This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is only intended to give you an idea of some
points to consider.
 Make sure the entirety of each table is on one page. Do not carry part of a table to
another page.
 Always insert tables or diagrams immediately after the paragraph where each is first
 Do not use color.
 Always refer to the table or figure by table or figure number.
 Remember to use the correct unit of the variables with which you are working.

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