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Moreover, the advertisements can now be studied based on inclusivity rather than just the target audience.

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This is not an essay, this is a peer discussion review. Please write one paragraph per peer review. In response to your peers, address the following:
1) Why might the developments your peers chose matter not only to the social sciences but to us as individuals and a society?
*** Please be kind in your review. Please do not write this response in the 3rd person ( do not use “peers post” instead use ” your or you”) ***
Peer 1: Summary of Multiculturalism Theory
At the end of the 19th century, multiculturalism theory emerged as a segment of the pragmatism movement in Europe and the United States and later as political and cultural pluralism in the 20th century. This theory studies diverse cultural coexistence in a single society (Hartmann & Gerteis, 2005).
How Multiculturalism Theory might have Affected How my Advertisements are Studied‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍
Multiculturalism helps in the inclusion of ideas and thoughts of diverse cultural groups in society, respecting their differences and withholding assimilation of certain cultures to the dominant group. This means every person’s view will be respected, thus enhancing the coexistence of diverse cultures in a single society. This theory has played a major role in people’s ways of life in ensuring that justice and fairness are guaranteed even for minority groups.
Advertising is one field that this theory has impacted greatly. It is through multiculturalism that multicultural marketing emerged. Multicultural marketing is a marketing strategy whose primary purpose is to maximize the message to diverse groups to eliminate bias that may exist if some ethnicities are not represented (Fazli-Salehi et al., 2022). This might have played a critical role in how the advertisements are studied and interpreted by different cultural groups. Advertisements are viewed and interpreted more positively by people of different ethnicities through multicultural advertising (Fazli-Salehi et al., 2022).
Moreover, the advertisements can now be studied based on inclusivity rather than just the target audience. According to Wong (2008), consumers tend to support a brand when their ethnicity is represented, which means multicultural advertising is key and should be utilized more often during marketing. How consumers perceive a brand is important in creating customer trust and loyalty thus, multiculturalism theory might have played a major role in how advertisements are made.
Fazli-Salehi, R., Torres, I. M., Madadi, R., & Zúñiga, M. Á. (2022). Multicultural advertising: Impact of consumers’ need to belong and brand use on self-brand connection and communal-brand connection. Journal of Marketing Communications, 1-28.
Hartmann, D., & Gerteis, J. (2005). Dealing with diversity: Mapping multiculturalism in sociological terms. Sociological theory, 23(2), 218-240.
Wong, L. (2008). Multiculturalism and ethnic pluralism in sociology: An analysis of the fragmentation position discourse. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 40(1), 11-32.
Peer 2: As a social scientist, I’m interested in how the paradigm change in the social sciences can affect the way I do research on the effectiveness of my commercial. Delivering a landmark achievement in the scientific community, it defines scientific revolutions and provides practitioners with solutions and models (Gagnon & Barber, 2018). This is a group of potential assumptions, methods, and ideas that may be used to the social sciences. It instructs social scientists in proper thought and behavior. It explains what happens when a fresh perspective or way of doing things comes to replace the status quo.
It was a radical idea that shook up established scientific progress at the time. Science’s commendable pursuit of knowledge is called into doubt by this. Instead, traditional scientific methods have an effect on marketing and advertising practices that use the paradigm. An investigation is opened when many anomalies are discovered, and the whole system may be shaken as a result. Changes are made via innovative strategies and concepts that set a new benchmark.
More and more signs suggest that the traditional model of advertising and promotion has shifted in light of this new understanding. Companies with vision use data to make decisions that benefit the whole organization (Gagnon & Barber, 2018). However, the less flexible aspects of conventional science tend to rule the day. Analytical methods are used to justify the collection of data and the testing of hypotheses. Furthermore, they are implemented to improve upon established practices. The discord between plans and results has an effect on marketing analytics and rational decision making.
If companies continue on their current course, they may fail to reach their intended audience with their marketing efforts. Companies risk mediocre outcomes if they waste resources on ineffective marketing strategies, invest in the wrong channels for their target clients, or roll out promotions too early.
In order to reach the ultimate promotional goal of insight-powered effectiveness and take advantage of the present advanced systems, marketing companies and other product venue owners must test their hypothesis against information by asking additional questions before coming up with an ad and adjusting their outlook where absolutely required (Gagnon & Barber, 2018). The paradigm shifts influences both new ways of thinking and new approaches to collecting and using advertising data.
Gagnon, J. C., & Barber, B. R. (2018). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation. In The SAGE encyclopedia of educational research, measurement and evaluation (p. 668). Sage.

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