My school is able to check if a paper has any lines plagiarized once the paper is submitted.

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Part 1: From the last slide of the Hayek slides, use points 2-4 to create a 4-5 sentence argument in favor
of the privatization of K-12 public schools. For example:
• Point 2 (slide 3): “personal freedom (freedom to enterprise) is derived from market
• Applying this to the privatization of public schools: School children and families derive personal
freedom from having an ability to choose among different schools rather than attend a state-
mandated public school.
Part 2: Read the section “Mechanisms for Improving Student Outcomes” from this Cato Institute article:
Why and how does the author argue that free market logic applied to public education will improve
teaching and learning?
Part 3: Consider Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s “New Deal for Education”:
100 points = Meet 250 word count requirement, directly answer the three parts above Taking somebody else’s writing and changing a few words is no good. Feeding a paper into a plagiarism-detector-blocker won’t help you, because they just produce gibberish. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY SENTENCES OR LINES WITHOUT CITING THEM. MY SCHOOL IS ABLE TO CHECK IF A PAPER HAS ANY LINES PLAGIARIZED ONCE THE PAPER IS SUBMITTED. Plagiarism is referencing a source without citing it. Plagiarism is using two or more words from somewhere else and not citing them, and not putting quotation marks around them. Any idea you write that wasn’t yours originally – or that isn’t common knowledge THIS ASSIGNMENT DOES NOT REQUIRE QUOTES. PLEASE WRITE EVERYTHING IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

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