Geology (and other Earth Sciences)

Nuclear energy

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Environmental Science
Introduction to Nuclear Energy
Assignment Directions:
Nuclear Energy
1. The element carbon has 3 natural isotopes: C-12, C-13, and C-14.
Use the periodic table to find the number of protons in a carbon atom.
Then make a drawing to show the nuclei of the 3 carbon isotopes.
Your drawing should convey the number of protons and neutrons in each of the 3 different nuclei.
2. Carbon 12 and Carbon 13 are stable, whereas Carbon 14 is unstable.
Which isotope of carbon is most likely to undergo natural radioactive decay?
Which one would be called a radioisotope?
3. Make a drawing that shows the three processes of nuclear change.You can use any atom you want, but be sure that your drawing conveys how each of the 3 types of nuclear change are carried out, showing what happens and what is produced during each change.
4. Give 2 reasons why U-235 is a common nuclear fuel. State a clear topic sentence and support it with evidence.
5. Create a flow chart to show how uranium is processed for use in a nuclear reactor.
Assignment Guidelines:
Follow directions for each question
Support all statements with evidence
Drawings should be clean and well constructed
Submission Requirements:
A word document containing the answers to the questions.
When submitting written assignments please remember to:
Submit the assignment question(s) and your responses.
Proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Remember complete sentence structure.
Paragraphs need to have minimum of six sentences.

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