Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)

Number the credentials and how many times it was required.

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The Why
To search for current HIT and/or Medical Coding and/or Billing job openings based upon/focused upon YOUR career plan that has been posted in the last 30 days to determine which credentials employers are seeking just as Carl Bergman did in his article. Make this assignment relative/align with your goals. Some of you might be filtering your search on a certain state(s) or nationally. Some might be looking at remote coding positions or traveling positions. Whatever your circumstance and goals this assignment should be helpful in learning what your next step needs to be to attain a credential based on your area of focus.
Use a combination of at least two (2) but no more than three (3) Healthcare/HIT/Medical Coding job posting sites. Examples: AHIMA Career Assist, AAPC Job Center, MGMA Job Seekers, You can also search job postings sites such as,, etc.
Open a new Word document
Make sure to save your work after each step
Create a table with three columns, just as Carl Bergman did for Table I in his article.
Label the three columns with the following names in bold font: Frequency, Credential, Occurrences.
List the credentials in order of frequency (most prevalent to least prevalent credential).
Include the number of job listings that required the credential (“occurrences”).
Immediately below the table write a brief summary of the findings and what you can conclude from your findings. Include the proximity of your search (such as whether it was nationally, Florida only, Central Florida only, and/or a combination of certain states).
Suggested data gathering method
Here is a method for data gathering that you can use:
Search Internet sites for Medical Coding, Billing, and/or Health Information Management or Informatics jobs. I’ve given you some examples of sites in the assignment i.e. AHIMA, AAPC, FHIMA
Filter your search for jobs posted in the last 30 days.
Read the job posting to identify the required/preferred credentials that the employer wants. Examples: CCS, RHIT, RHIA, CPC, etc.
Have a working/paper of the table.
Write in the credential and the number of times you see this credential is required. Using hash marks as a first step in tabulating the frequency will probably be the easiest.
Finalize your table of information by assembling the data in descending order. Number the credentials and how many times it was required.

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