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This exercise must be submitted in 11” x 17” format (only PDF accepted).
All the text in this assignment should be spell-checked using a word-processor. Your name, the
instructor’s name, and the course information should be clearly visible on the first page of this assignment.
In all work, graphic clarity is essential. All drawings, tables, charts, and other graphics should be clearly labeled, legible, and of a size/scale that allows the information to be easily reviewed.
The firm Korb + Associates has hired you as a consultant to identify the fire safety requirements for Ascent, the tallest timber structure in the world.
The building, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a total of 25 stories. For the purposes of this assignment, please consider a floor-to-floor height of 11′ for the residential portion of the building (floors 7-25), and 12′ 6″ for the commercial floors (floors 1-6). If you are curious, the actual floor heights may be found in the Ascent Reference Elevation.
The typical floor plan of this tower has an approximate area of 16,680 ft2. The total building floor area is 417,000 ft2 (equally divided among the 25 floors).
Below are four images of the exterior and interior of the Ascent Building for your reference. Additional information about this building may be found in the case study included in the “References” section of this assignment.
Task 1: Using the allowable building height (Table 504.3), allowable number of stories above grade (Table 504.4) and allowable area factor (Table 506.2) listed in Chapter 5 of the IBC 2018 (reference provided at the end of this assignment), or the appropriate occupancy type height and area limitations table from the Architect’s Studio Companion (6th Ed.), please determine the Construction Type(s) that would be allowed to build this twenty-five-story building (total height = 284′) with a total constructed area of 417,000 ft2. Please be sure to include the appropriate table(s) with your answers neatly highlighted.
Task 2: Select one viable construction type from Task 1 and list its fire-resistance rating requirements for primary structural members, bearing and non-bearing external walls, partitions, and floor/roof assemblies based on Table 601 of the IBC 2018 (reference provided at the end of this assignment). You may also use, instead of Table 601 of the IBC 2018, the appropriate fire-resistance requirements table from the Architect’s Studio Companion (6th Ed.) found in pages 378-382. Please be sure to include the appropriate table(s) with your answers neatly highlighted.
Task 3: After reviewing the information provided in MEEB Section 24.3 – Water for fire suppression (pages 1196-1215) and considering the floor plans included below, please select a specific type of sprinkler system (and appropriate sprinkler head). Please document your design decisions by writing a short narrative describing your selection process. Please support your narrative and design decisions by including MEEB Tables 24.8, 24.9 and 24.10 with your selections clearly and neatly highlighted.
Task 4: Using your choice of fire suppression system from Task 3, please layout and draw the sprinkler system on copies of the floor plans included in this assignment (it is highly recommended to edit the floor plans and remove the furniture from them so that your fire suppression system is clearly visible). Please be sure to identify and label the riser pipe(s), and through the use of small but visible dots, the location of each sprinkler head. Please be sure to show the spacing / dimensions between your branch pipe lines and also between sprinkler heads. Remember that graphic clarity is essential in this task.
IBC 2018 (Chapter 5):
IBC 2018 (Chapter 6):
Architect’s Studio Companion (6th Ed.): Section 7 – Designing with Height and Area Limitations
Ascent Case Study:
P. S. For Task 4 You can do drawings by hand but it should be clear. If you can do in a computer program it’s even better.
Also it should be made a nice presentation. I uploaded 3 examples. Please take a look. If you can’t make or no time for a nice presentation it’s ok.

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