Remote access domain: brute-force password attacks

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Learning Objectives and Outcomes
Examine threats and vulnerabilities to an IT infrastructure.
Assignment Requirements
Consider the following security threats and vulnerabilities to domains of a typical IT infrastructure:
User Domain: Lack of awareness or concern for security
Workstation Domain: Malicious software introduced
LAN Domain: Transmitting private data unencrypted
LAN-to-WAN Domain: Exposure and unauthorized access to internal resources from the outside
WAN Domain: Denial of service (DoS) or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
Remote Access Domain: Brute-force password attacks
System/Application Domain: Data loss from errors, failures, or disasters
Answer the following question(s):
Choose a domain along with its listed threat or vulnerability. What is at risk? What could be affected? (5)
Fully address the question in this discussion and provide valid rationale(s) for your choices.
Self-Assessment Checklist
I fully addressed the question(s) in the discussion instructions.
I included justification or rationale for my choices, where applicable.
I responded to at least two other students’ views (5 points).
I followed the submission guidelines.

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