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The assignment; the Bookmark Technique is the development of an Instructional Plan, a lesson that teaches students to use the Bookmark Technique to help comprehend disciplinary text.
Use the template provided for you to write out the lesson steps. The lesson steps are called “direct instruction” meaning you must explain what you will say to the students to teach the lesson. Next to each step (in the assignment guidelines) is an explanation of what you must write to teach each part of the lesson steps. You must carefully think through what you will say and do to teach each part of the Book Mark Technique lesson.
Materials used for the lesson must be text as related to your discipline. For example if you are an art major, your reading lesson will be a topic in art, either a book or magazine article. If you are a chemistry major your reading lesson will be topic related to chemistry.
This lesson should be taught to a small group or one students.
In your Field Placement class:
Identify a student or group of students to teach the Bookmark Technique. It is important to implement the lesson you prepared, to learn what is needed to teach older students how to read complex text.
After you teach the lesson write a one-page single-space reflection to discuss:
What you learned about writing an Instructional Plan
What you learned about teaching content text
What you would do differently next time you teach the Book Mark Technique
What you learned about teaching older students to read, using the Book Mark Technique
Submit in this order:
1. Bookmark Technique completed Instructional Plan
2. Four Completed Bookmarks by the student or students
3. One-Page Reflection
Format for all written assignments:
Times New Roman
Size 12 Font

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