That is to say, there isn’t a relationship”

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“Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.”-Galatians 6:6
Please read this article about why Statistics is an important college class and share your thoughts and opinions as we come to a close for this class.
Please read the bottom post and respond with your feedback/opinion/whether you agree or disagree and explain.
“To help establish whether observed results are consistent with expected outcomes and to rule out the possibility that observations are the result of chance, a chi-square test is utilized. When data are being evaluated from a random sample and the variable in issue is a categorical variable, a chi-square test is applicable.
Chi-square tests come in two different varieties. Both have different uses for the chi-square statistic and distribution:
A chi-square goodness of fit test establishes the compatibility of sample data and population. See the Goodness of Fit Test for further information on this type.
A chi-square test for independence examines the relationship between two variables in a contingency table. It checks to see if the distributions of category variables differ from one another more broadly.
A very low chi square test score indicates that the observed and predicted data are very closely matched. In other words, a connection exists.
The data does not suit the test data very well if the chi square test value is quite high. That is to say, there isn’t a relationship”

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