Theoretical techniques presentation, 10% of final grade: each student will present a 15-20

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I need a one page hand out. I am presenting on Person-Centered Therapy
The chosen technique is music. I will be sending you the lyrics of the song I am using. Read the rest of the directions to see what the handout should detail.
Theoretical Techniques Presentation, 10% of final grade: Each student will present a 15-20
minute presentation on one or two selected techniques or intervention strategies conceptually applied
from a chosen theoretical framework. Each presentation is to address key information about the
conceptual/theoretical function of the intervention and its effective clinical application. Techniques
must be theoretically sound, correctly conceptualized and necessarily applied. Students will
demonstrate the appropriate use of these techniques in class with live audience participation. At
minimum, a one-page handout summarizing the presented interventions is required.
Ideal presentations will cover counselor and client perspectives sourced from professional materials;
as well as so evidence of timely planning and pre-evaluated for these substantive presentation

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