This discussion should at least include: monitoring a budget; analyzing and reporting on budget variance; interpreting financial information.

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1. Financial Management
This discussion should focus on unit/department based budgeting:
– development methodologies, report formats, analysis rules “How to read a report”, Balance sheets and cost report interpretation. This discussion should at least include: Monitoring a Budget; Analyzing and reporting on Budget variance; Interpreting financial information.
Important notes:
the attachments are the sources of this paper but not limited if you can find relative to the same hospital ” King Abdullah specialized Children’s hospital ” and ” King Fahad hospital – NGHA (national guard health affairs )
1. First Attachment is published article from the hospital. we need to talk about it in Financial management point view how they got benefit and saved a lot of money ets.
2. Second attachments are bills and expenses of the hospital we need to focus on the educational fees.
Please make sure you add chart and illustrations

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