Use chicago-style (author-date), paying careful attention to punctuation and formatting.

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Exploratory Search
This series of assignments contributes to Learning Outcomes (1), (2), and (4) via the following objectives:
Utilize library databases (i.e. EconLit) to locate scholarly work written by economists.
Construct search terms/phrases to locate high quality, unbiased sources of information written by economists on a specific topic.
Differentiate between types of academic writing (i.e. writing for other economists).
Format citations using Chicago-style, a common citation style in economics.
Reflect on the research process, recognizing what makes a search effective.
Refine your research strategy for more effective future searches.
Respond to the prompts as listed for each Exploratory Search assignment.
Submit your responses by clicking “Write Submission” in the Canvas Assignment and typing (or copy/pasting) directly into Canvas.
Then explore this topic further in your research journal by completing the “topic exploration” entry!
Exploratory Search 1: First Research Article
Begin: Gather the newspaper article(s) that you recorded in your Research Journal this week. If you found two or three, select the one that most interests you.
Cite Your Newspaper Article: Record the citation for the newspaper article you have chosen to focus on for this Exploratory Search. Use Chicago-style (author-date), paying careful attention to punctuation and formatting. (1/2 pt)
Identify the Topic: Record the main economics topic covered in (or most related to) the newspaper article you cited this week. (1/2 pt)
EconLit Search: Think about how to search EconLit for information on this topic. publish possible search terms and phrases. Revise using Boolean operators and other search features to keep your results manageable. Record your final search term/phrase that you used to locate a relevant research article. (1 pt)
Cite Your Research Article: Use EconLit to identify a research article on your topic. Limit your search to peer-reviewed journals. Record the citation for this article. Use Chicago-style (author-date), paying careful attention to punctuation and formatting. While the database entry may include a recommended citation, you are responsible for ensuring it’s formatted correctly! (1 pt)
Newspaper article to be used:

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