Public Relations (PR)

Word count 850-900 excluding refrence.

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Please use easy and simple vocabulary words, no fancy words because english is my second languge and try to make it simple and NOT advanced.
Please check the plagiarism, it should be less than 15% by Turnitin.
For references, it should be in APA style, please include the author’s name, place, time and all details of all sources information. please add any sources you use even from the lectures. word count 850-900 excluding refrence.
I hope the answer and the explanation is clear and not complicated
Please check the rubric and the guidelines, and answer all the questions carefully.
we should pick up a threat source to UAE, and I choose (Yaman), All the questions are in the assessment file that I will upload. I also will upload the PowerPoint presentation, which may help.
for any help please contact me, thanks

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