English 101

Write about an easy advertisement, please

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In preparation for our second major writing assignment, the Visual Rhetoric Evaluation (VRE), I want to know about your favorite commercials, print/digital advertisements, and/or public service announcements (PSAs). You can choose to write about one or two here, but be sure to complete the following tasks as you compose this week’s journal entry: first, be sure to provide a link to or image of the advertisement or commercial in question; and second, be sure to write about why you think you respond so favorably toward this advertisement. What work is it doing on you specifically? Explain in full detail, and consider using this advertisement as the artifact you’ll want to discuss in your upcoming publish of the VRE
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write about an easy advertisement, please
Customer is an international student. Please, provide a regular grammatically correct, well-structured paper according to the instructions and academic context provided, written with simple sentence structures and easy vocabulary (or shortly, use simple English).

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