You must include a works cited page at the end of your paper.

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For your research paper due in week 7 (worth 20% of course grade), you will write a literary analysis (with a specific, creative, focused thesis and opinionated argument) that meaningfully discusses 1-2 of the assigned readings this quarter and makes a unified argument with specific assertions and researched support. To support your analysis, you must use at least four secondary sources from the GMC library in addition to the literary work(s) discussed in your paper. The final paper must be at least 1500 words in length (and no more than 2000).
Your research paper must be a cohesive literary analysis of 1-2 of the assigned readings.
Your thesis statement must be clear, debatable, assignment-appropriate, and supported throughout your paper.
Avoid irrelevant biographical information or extensive plot summary. Your paper should prioritize focused literary analysis.
You must use at least 4 secondary sources (in addition to primary sources- the literature itself) that provide critical arguments about the reading you’ve chosen. These sources should ONLY come from the GMC library databases.
You may quote, paraphrase, or summarize your sources, but don’t let your research dominate the paper- you are the driver of the paper’s argument, not your sources. For more information, view the Purdue OWL’s website:
MLA Style
Your paper must be formatted according to MLA style.
You must include a works cited page at the end of your paper. Your works-cited should include entries for both your research sources as well as the assigned literature you’ve chosen to write about.
You must include in-text citations within the body of your paper when quoting or paraphrasing primary and secondary sources..
For more information about MLA style, you should view the How-To Guide: MLA Formatting and Citations page (near the top of our course page, under Additional Course Resources).
All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct with proper punctuation.
Avoid first-person language in formal academic writing.
For more information, view the Purdue OWL’s General Writing Resources page:
The introduction should name all relevant authors/works involved, and include a clear, appropriate thesis statement.
Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that relates back to the thesis. The information in each paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.
The conclusion should rephrase your thesis, summarize key supporting ideas, and offer your final impressions and observations on the topic.
Bear in mind that the structure of a paper- the thesis statement, the introduction, and the conclusion- should all work together. Before you begin writing, I recommend that you write an outline to organize your ideas. Doing this should help you write a more logical, well-organized essay.
This assignment will be assessed using the Research Paper Rubric available in the Grading Rubrics folder.
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